Krav Maga & Self Defence Courses for NGOs

Official statistics show a clear trend over the last decade - there has been a dramatic increase in the number of reported crimes against women an average of 145 % more cases were reported from the previous years . On the streets , in buses , on road , in homes etc. women face numerous threat scenarios like rape , molestations , eve teasing , mugging . harassment , kidnappings , etc. Criminals and predators are a step ahead . They have a plan and its likely " they have done this before ". They can be strangers , co - workers , neighbours or even someone whom you know personally . Assaults are swift and vicious . The heat of the moment may be too late to ruminate about what to do ( or not do !) You must decide in advance that its worth fighting for and have a plan . It must be taught to your reflexes to switch to the combat tactics as soon you or your loved ones are threatened . Krav Maga trains students fight with full - force in a state of adrenalin rush ; it engrains the techniques in ' muscle memory ' . So the body will remember & respond appropriately- even when the mind has forgotten . A key element of empowering self - defense is teaching a woman to retake control the situation so that she can assert herself & fight back rather than struggle.

  • Unlike other self - defense and aerobic programs , there are no rigid steps or rules in Krav Maga. Instead , the techniques are practiced in simulated , ever changing attack situations , tailor made for crimes against women in today's world
  • Teaches full contact thus allowing the body to respond even if mind is in shock
  • Easy to learn and not complicated like other martial arts
  • Adapted & designed for women as it does not require excessive upper body strength
  • Learn defense against chokes , holds , bear hugs , mugging , ground attacks etc.
  • Improves self - confidence and relieves stress
  • Addresses real street situations & sexual assault scenarios unlike choreographed rituals of other martial arts
  • Teaches verbal and physical boundary setting skills to prevent many assaults from becoming physical in the very first place
  • Designed to defeat a much larger and stronger attacker
  • Focuses on physical fitness to tone muscles and help mind / body coordination
  • Its military based fitness programs use Cardio Israeli kickboxing , heavy bag work , and sports conditioning techniques to tone muscle & burn up to 800 calories per session

Curriculum will include.

  • How to effectively deal with the most common attacks against women
  • Bedroom attacks ! How to defend against someone attacking you in bed
  • The best way to escape safely from a car - jacking attempt
  • How to execute the " stop hit " : technique that stops even the largest attacker in his track
  • Protecting you from the most common of all mugging attacks
  • Devastating and finishing counter attacks