Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga (a Hebrew word meaning ‘contact combat’) is the highly effective, battle tested Israeli system of self-defense, fighting skills and defensive tactics, developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld. Krav Maga is a modern and practical style of Self-Defense. This system is continuously refined and redeveloped in light of actual modern combat and Self-Defense experiences.

  • Krav Maga contains techniques that enable the trainee to defend oneself against armed or unarmed attackers
  • The techniques are practiced in different environment and situation as in darkness, outdoors, on the ground and in other situations that restrict the trainee’s movement
  • Hand-to-Hand combat i.e. to defeat the opponent quickly and effectively making use of tactics, techniques, combinations & understanding the psychology & mentality of fighter.
  • The techniques are easy, natural, practical and involve simple body motions.

Krav-Maga includes the following subjects:
  • Prevention, avoidance, escape and evasion of violence
  • Dealing with throws and falls in various directions/ angles
  • Attacks and counterattacks:
    1. Performed with all kinds of targets, distances/ ranges, heights, angles & direction
    2. Executed from all kinds of positions and postures
    3. Use of all different types of common objects for defensive purposes Defending against unarmed attacks like punches, strikes and kicks Release from all kinds of grabs and holds
  • Defending against all armed attacks and threats:
    1. Knifes or other sharp objects
    2. Sticks, bars or other blunt objects
    3. All kinds of firearms
  • Defending against the above attacks:
    1. From all possible directions and place
    2. When attacked by single or multiple attackers
    3. Occurring in all possible places for e.g.: confined areas, open areas; alleys, staircases, cars; etc
    4. In different environments like water spaces and no all types of terrains
    5. Occurring in all possible positions and postures for e.g.: when in motion, sitting, lying face down, on the side, or on your back.

The objective of a Krav Maga training program is to instruct the trainee in practical self-defense techniques, fighting skills, defense tactics and principles that can readily be used in case need arises. The key to the approach is to present an integrated self-defense and fighting outline with few specific techniques. The system is designed so that the set of principles, which are the fundamental to every technique, apply to several potential attacks/ scenarios. It is due to this approach that a trainee reaches a high level of skill, mentally and technically, in a relatively short time.

Difference between Traditional Martial Arts and Krav Maga

Traditional Martial Arts Krav Maga
Formal, ritual oriented, and not easy to learn Fighting real and learning no-holds-bar moves in realistic situations
Expects the student to adapt to it Adapts to the student physical & mental limits
Teaches moves adapted from animals Moves are built on natural human reflexes
Competitive tournaments, katas, rituals, or choreographed routines Relies on "continuous motion" to complete the defense hence nothing ritual or choreographed
Students achieve a high level of skill in a long period like 10 to 20 years Students achieve a high level of skill in a relatively shorter period
Ritual oriented routines based on old era of swords and arrows Incorporates modern realistic re-enactments so students learn how to operate under stress
As a sport, it has rules and illegal moves No Rules, use everything possible
Do not adapt or learn from other martial arts Adapts and is a hybrid of martial arts techniques like Boxing, Karate, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Muay Thai and other lesser known styles
Most Martial Arts in their traditional form are not realistic self-defense systems Students learn to defend themselves in stress or shocks of a sudden and violent encounter, thus excellent for realistic self defense in an unpredictable environment
Only limited to major sports events and physical training Practised in peace or war by all the major military, law enforcements, security forces and anti-terrorists units as well as civilians

Principles of Krav Maga

  • Avoid injury
  • Devise drills that take advantage of natural reflexes
  • Defend and attack in minimum time required
  • Use of human body's vulnerable parts
  • Use of the body's natural weapons as well as any ordinary objects that may be nearby.
  • No Rules, use everything you have.

Characteristics of Krav Maga

According to law enforcement trainers, the most striking characteristics of this system are:

  • Students are taught defensive principles that apply to variety of threatening attacks that occur during commonly documented street crimes
  • Students are progressively trained in disadvantageous situations with real time & real speed
  • Defensive manoeuvres are combined with simultaneous counter-attacks until potential danger is eliminated.
  • Unique training methods are employed to simulate violent street encounters. This is necessary to place students under extreme stress and to learn to go from a passive to an aggressive state quickly.
  • Krav Maga teaches students to function with their when fatigued; and when faced with multitude of spontaneous attack sc…

Benefits of Krav Maga


Krav Maga increases awareness by using basic moves in various combinations to fend off violent attacks. This means that students respond to new situations through improvisation, an important and unique feature of this style.


Students are taught a variety of possible defensive reactions for each possible attack situation, by building on actual usable techniques. They are then encouraged to use responses that are appropriate to their capabilities. This allows them to develop confidence in their abilities.


Students learn how to control all six senses. Several types of exercises taught provide the ability to control any muscle or part of the body. The techniques taught are very fast instinctive movements. These can be controlled by reflexes, which are essential in situations of exhaustion where brain activity is minimal.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is closely interwoven into the system. Thus, the workout includes a number of cardiovascular and strength building exercises, as well as stretching to increase flexibility. Intensive Krav Maga training emphasises on strength with speed, coordination with accuracy and endurance.


All Krav Maga moves were created based on natural body movements and are very simple. This is what makes their use easier especially in dangerous and unexpected situations. The moves are short, and yet fast. There are no rules and hence the techniques are created for real-life situations. The strikes are intended to sensitive body targets to eliminate the weight and/ (or) strength differences between the Krav Maga practitioner and the adversary. This makes the defense more objective.

Who uses Krav Maga Today?

Krav Maga is the official system of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense employed by the Israeli Defense & Security Forces; the Israeli National & Military Police & its Special Operations; & Anti-Terrorist Units. It began to spread from Israel in the early 1980s, becoming part of tactical self-defense training for police, security and military in nations across the world such as FBI, CIA, Navy seals, RAW, Delhi Police etc. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) including their Special Forces Units, Israeli Police, & Internal Security Branches currently use this style on a day-to-day basis. Krav Maga taught to people with different age & ability at community centers, schools, & clubs throughout the world. Krav Maga is also taught to Sky Marshals, commercial airline crews, & has expanded outside the borders of Israel being very successful in India, USA, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, France and, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Poland, Japan, Australia, & New Zealand amongst others.


Apart from the obvious benefits of Krav Maga as a system of self-defense/ close combat, it is also a high-level intensity workout that involves and exercises the whole body. It is a great technique for cardiovascular health. Krav Maga has many benefits for the body including amongst others increase in strength, development of stamina, improvement in muscle tone. de-stressing, raise level of self-esteem, building patience to deal with difficult, stressful situations and improvement in reflexes. The exercises are a combination of moves, kicks, punches, jabs, self-defense actions, floor exercises, stretching & flexibility exercises, ground work (various combinations of wrestling with partners), pad work training with heavy bags, different drills & games. An hour of Krav Maga workout burns up to 1000 calories. The control of body and mind is developed through perseverance and training. Krav Maga builds high fitness levels and is done wearing loose clothing (T-shirts, track pants/ shorts), that do not restrict movement. A team of top fitness experts and military defense tactic instructors known for building fighters design the workout. Krav Maga fitness programs use cardio Israeli kickboxing, heavy bag work, & sports conditioning techniques to burn fat & tone muscle.

  • The ultimate workout combines cardio, abs with strength and endurance training for total body conditioning.
  • This workout is lots of fun with high energy levels & increasing challenges with each time you do it
  • Increases stamina, endurance and strength
  • Improves self-image and self-esteem.
  • Firms and tones muscles even when learning


The breakthrough for Krav Maga came when Jennifer Lopez played the leading role of a battered woman 'Slim' who learned to protect herself using Krav Maga, in the movie "Enough." Jennifer insisted in doing all the stunts herself and trained for three months in Krav Maga. She had the highest praise for the system - "Krav Maga is about finding the power within yourself and that's what really transforms Slim" Lopez said in interviews ahead of the movie's premiere, raising the interest in Krav Maga to four times what it had been. In her latest movie "Miss Congeniality", FBI agents Sandra Bullock and Regina King also practice Krav Maga. Other Hollywood celebrities who are students of Krav Maga are Angelina Jolie ("Tomb Raider2"), Jennifer Garner ("Alias"), Shannon Elizabeth ("American Pie"), Mia Kirshner ("Wolf Lake"), Kristanna Loken ("Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"), Lucy Liu ("Charlie's Angels"), James Gandolfini ("The Sopranos"), Cameron Diaz ("Charlie's Angels"), Patrick Swayze ("Dirty Dancing").

Krav Maga is widespread in Bollywood as well. Head Instructor Kaustav Sehgal trained Rani Mukherjee for her role as an expert hand to hand combatant in the movie "Mardaani." Other Bollywood celebrities who are students of Krav Maga are Kangana Ranaut ("Dhaakad"), Tiger Shroff ("Baaghi 3"), Vicky Kaushal ("Ashwatthama"), Aditya Roy Kapur ("'Om: The Battle Within"), Katrina Kaif ("Jagga Jasoos"), Taapsee Pannu ("Baby"), Ranbir Kapoor ("Roy")


Introductory Session
1.5 to 2 hrs
  • Introduction and Philosophy of Krav Maga - IKI - India
  • Basics of Attacks and Practice
  • Short Display of Techniques which includes
  • Ground Fall Situation
  • Hand Grabs
  • Neck choke
4 to 5 hrs
  • Corporates
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Miscellaneous
Course Details
  • Introduction and Philosophy of Krav Maga - IKI - India
  • Detail Attack Practice and Application
  • Self Defence - Assaults - Universal Block
  • Ground Fall Situation and Escape
  • Hand Grabs Situations and Escape
  • Neck Choke and Escape
Learn with the Master from Israel
7 hrs
  • Introduction and Philosophy of Krav Maga - IKI - India
  • Detail Attack Practice and Application
  • Self Defence - Universal Block
  • Ground Fall Situation and Escape
  • Hand Grabs Situations and Escape
  • Neck Choke and Escape
  • Gun Threats and Techniques
  • Knife - Axe - Hammer - Stick Threat and Techniques
  • Airplane defence