Advanced Combat Courses

Anti Car Jacking or Car Combat

New Delhi, unfortunately is known for it's on road violence. This workshop will focus on situations that one may encounter on the roads of this city.

"It's better to have the tools and not need them, than to need them and not have them"

Workshop syllabus:
1. Basic tips to avoid/prevent violence while driving.
2. How to de-escalate a fight while in a vehicle.
3. How to be prepared for a violent encounter.
4. Anti kidnapping techniques in a vehicle or being dragged towards a vehicle.
5. Anti hostage situations in a vehicle against guns and knives.
6. Anti rape techniques in a vehicle like a taxi cab.
7. Defense against chokes and locks in a vehicle.
8. Combat against road rage/road violence.
9. How to defend yourself against the driver in a moving vehicle like a taxi or friend's car.
10. How to deal with multiple attackers in a car.

1. Car would be provided by us.
2. Knowledge of driving not required.


The Military Course taps into the true origins of Krav Maga. It provides participants with a straight forward easy-to-learn, effective and aggressive set of techniques, tactics, mental capabilities, teaching and training skills most suited for the missions and needs of military units.

The graduates of KMG’s Military Course can rapidly bring members of any military unit to the highest skill level possible in the military techniques and tactics of Krav Maga, CQB and combat. This includes a focus on using an assault rifle as an impact weapon while facing a single enemy or multiple aggressors when shooting is impossible, illegal, undesirable,

or unwarranted. The KMG training also includes systematic thinking and efficiency appropriate to different environments within the modern military milieu, all in accordance with each unit’s tasks and “job description.”

Who is this course for?
The curriculum of the Military Course is tailor-made for different groups or individual units. The optimal recommended duration of an in-house MIC, for a characteristic military unit, is about five to six weeks.

We also offer an option suitable for certified KMG Instructors with the appropriate background. In this case, the course length is ten days and is geared toward improving their overall skills and teaching arsenal by qualifying them to instruct their regular students who are also serving in governmental units.

Where to get more info?
Please have a look at our calendar to find out when and where the next course will take place

VIP Protection

As crime and criminals get more and more sophisticated, they more often than ever, go after business-men, political figures, movie stars, executives and other very important people. The criminals' objective can be to get ransom, change political balance, rob, pride, take revenge or other reasons that can result in the injury or death of the VIP. Today, more than ever before, the professional VIP Protector is needed to ensure the safety of those under threat across the globe.

Advance Training in General and with Firearms will include:

  • Defending the VIP against: Basic attack or grab, Knife attack, Knife threat Pistol threat, different situations where the VIP is near or inside a car, in a confined area (room, corridor) or amongst crowd, Mental training and preparation - Aggression; Determination Cour age; Overcoming or ignoring danger in-order to defend
  • Dry drill-safety & security in training and in routine, carrying a firearm & general behaviour, Holding the pistol & shooting with one hand
  • Enhancing abilities and the draw and shooting with 2 hands
  • Enhancing abilities in protecting the VIP
  • Defensive and Operational driving training

Law Enforcement

A modern Law-Enforcement agency needs the tools to educate its officers and members of regular and special units in the topics of defense tactics, self-defense, hand-to-hand combat and fighting at close quarters when the firearm cannot or must not be used. Building and educating a fighter as a whole and not just as a technician of weapons (firearm, baton etc.) is essential to achieve a well-rounded officer. Such an officer is capable of being a determined and aggressive fighter to fulfil the demanding and dangerous tasks on-hand. One that can respond correctly, without using excessive force, but with excellent ability to solve any problem and including protecting his fellow officers or civilians when needed.

The Krav Maga law enforcement-training curriculum will include:

  • Combatives, self-defense and weapon retention
  • Defense tactics against threats involving handgun
  • Ground fighting (Law Enforcement applications)
  • Defense tactics against threats with a shotgun/rifle/SMG
  • Arrest & control/ officer safety tactics
  • Utilizing impact weapons for striking & defense purposes
  • Defense tactics against attacks with a blunt object (stick) and edged weapon (knife) as well as advanced training areas, including Special Operations

Krav Maga and Aviation Safety

With the increased threat to airlines from criminal / terrorist attacks in the not so distant past , their training to include self - defense . Basic elements of the same are :

The Krav Maga law enforcement-training curriculum will include:

  • Recognizing suspicious activities and determining seriousness of an occurrence.
  • Deterring a passenger who might pose a threat.
  • Advanced control , striking , and restraint techniques.
  • Training to defend oneself against edged or blunt weapons;.
  • Methods to subdue and restrain an attacker
  • Use of available items aboard the aircraft for self - defense
  • Appropriate and effective response to defend oneself , including the use of force against an attacker

Krav Maga will teach self - defense techniques that can be used by crewmembers to protect provide training in the psychology themselves and their passengers in the event of a security threat . The program will also survival and the responsibilities associated with the use of self - defense techniques . It is critical that self - defense training resemble as closely as possible the real life attacks that a crewmember will most likely encounter .

Krav Maga training will include drills in which students apply as much contact , power and resistance against each other as they can without undue risk of injury . Takedowns , joint locks , chokes and other grappling techniques can only be validated when the student's sparring partner is determined to defend himself against those techniques , just as an actual adversary would be . A padded mat area and clear rules of engagement are necessary for effective grappling training . Heavy bags , pads and protective gear allow students to safely practice full power strikes . Other than these Krav Maga training will also include :

  • Combative's : Counter attack and defense techniques ; and Attacking using hands and legs
  • Defense techniques against punches , kicks , release from grabs , chokes & holds
  • Defending attacks involving a stick / club , different firearms ( guns ) and edged weapons.
  • Protection of passengers under any kind of threat in a confined space of an aircraft