Kids krav Maga online group classes

KIDS KRAV MAGA is our traditional Krav Maga class for children to make them fit, teach them discipline in life through martial arts and also teach them self defense.

Krav Maga is based on human reflexes which makes it easier to learn and retain, which is especially beneficial incase of children who have a shorter memory span. Through Krav Maga training, the children are taught how to recognize common threats like assailants and kidnappers, how to avoid confrontation, and how to defend themselves when necessary in order to escape.

Kids Krav Maga openly and cautiously explains attack scenarios that kids may encounter, the difference between being bullied by a classmate or by an unknown adult, their options in each situation and what should be the proportional response.

  • In today’s world where crimes like rape, kidnapping, robbery, murder is on an everyday rise, Krav Maga teaches children to protect themselves in violent situations
  • Krav Maga is a great way to create a physically active lifestyle among children. Each class targets their entire body, strengthening it, burning between 800-1000 calories/session and forever keeping chances of childhood obesity at bay
  • Krav Maga doesn’t require years of training to achieve self defence proficiency. Krav Maga is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to apply
  • Krav Maga helps build self confidence among kids and instills a deep sense of security and accomplishment that allows them to tackle classroom obstacles and personal challenges with greater confidence
  • Krav Maga training has been strongly correlated to reduced anxiety, aggression over the long term, offering a healthy outlet for kids to channelize their extra energy
  • The group dynamic even in the online class gives students the opportunity to interact with peers outside their school and forge new friendships from their common interest
  • Krav Maga invokes a sense of self discipline because the goal oriented structure of Krav Maga training programs prompts students to focus on the task at hand and diligently strive to attain new skills
  • Krav Maga helps build mutual respect by appreciating the knowledge of their teacher as well as efforts of their fellow students


A typical Kids Krav Maga online class is of 1 hour duration :

  • 10 mins – Warmup games to get their heart rate up and increase blood flow to their muscles, and improve their agility
  • 10 mins – Strength & Flexibility to enhance their stamina, strength and flexibility
  • 15 mins – Striking where all kinds of punches, kicks and their combinations are taught effectively to target the vulnerable points of the attacker
  • 15 mins – Technique, the major part of the class where they learn defenses against kidnapping, chokes, and many more kids specific violent situations
  • 5 mins – Stress Drill, where the techniques are tested under pressure
  • 5 mins – Cool down, where class ends with a full body stretching routine to get the heart rate back to normal, relax and recover the muscles

The Kids Krav Maga Online course has 10 levels from Fighter Level 1 to Fighter Level 10.

In the Online Krav Maga course, kids shall learn to:
  • Protect themselves in dangerous life threatening situations like rape, kidnapping, murder etc
  • Protect themselves against bullying, classroom obstacles in a safe, de-escalating manner
  • Differentiate between good touch and bad touch⁣
  • Improve physical fitness level, build strength, stamina, agility and keep obesity at bay
  • Build confidence and discipline
  • Learn advanced techniques

Each technique of each level is practiced atleast thrice followed by a revision class before appearing for the test. Once the student passes the test, they are awarded a certificate for the said level and promoted to the next level with more advanced strikes and techniques.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
5:00pm to 6:00pm


Yes the class is divided into levels catering to all types of fitness and attention levels.

4-13 year old.

No proper safety gear and precautions are undertaken to eliminate any injuries.

Yes. There are 10 levels from Fighter 1 to Fighter 10, each taking approx. 3 months to complete. After completion of each level, student gets a merit certificate.

At least 5-6 months, usually by the time he/she completes Fighter level 2

Yes, the class is designed to involve physical conditioning and activities for fitness and enjoyment simultaneously.

Classes are conducted 3 days/week to ensure regular practice.

If there is a specific requirement, the student can also learn personally from the Instructor to achieve individual goals.


Introductory Session
1.5 to 2 hrs
  • Introduction and Philosophy of Krav Maga - IKI - India
  • Basics of Attacks and Practice
  • Short Display of Techniques which includes
  • Ground Fall Situation
  • Hand Grabs
  • Neck choke
4 to 5 hrs
  • Corporates
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Miscellaneous
Course Details
  • Introduction and Philosophy of Krav Maga - IKI - India
  • Detail Attack Practice and Application
  • Self Defence - Assaults - Universal Block
  • Ground Fall Situation and Escape
  • Hand Grabs Situations and Escape
  • Neck Choke and Escape
Learn with the Master from Israel
7 hrs
  • Introduction and Philosophy of Krav Maga - IKI - India
  • Detail Attack Practice and Application
  • Self Defence - Universal Block
  • Ground Fall Situation and Escape
  • Hand Grabs Situations and Escape
  • Neck Choke and Escape
  • Gun Threats and Techniques
  • Knife - Axe - Hammer - Stick Threat and Techniques
  • Airplane defence